About Us

CRL was establish in 2013, in its business approach to become a leading distribution company in the distribution of product brands offering a wide choice range for industrial sectors that requires the product & service towards industrial fulfillment. The objective is to create a One Stop distribution trading platform that is able to offer cost saving prices, technical support & product knowledge & choice that is required for their industry usage.

CRL has serve and provided product & service to such industries as :

  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Logistic & Transportation
  • Food Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Independent Trading House
  • Hotel Industry
  • Shipping Ports & Maintenance
  • Exports Markets
  • OEM Oil & Grease Branding (Automotive, Heavy trucks & buses & Motocycle Industrys

CRL is steadily growing towards its business goals in expanding its industrial clients on their needs toward product & services providing top notch fulfillment without delay. Our efforts & commitment is to give our best to our industrial clients.

CRL aims to capture its segment Industrial market on a firm platform where our ability is to fulfill each market without compromise but only our best to meet the requirement of our clients & industrial markets.

CRL has over the past 6 years have provided product & services to existing clients without complaints as we have provided product fulfillment on time.

The other reason are:

  • We have a wide range of product brands to suit each industry requirements & usage
  • We locate & supply without delay
  • We provide cost effective prices depending on brand & usage
  • We have a sourcing house that search 24/7 based on clients demand requirement
  • We are importers, distributor & reseller of brands locally & international
  • We provide product knowledge as required of our client for equivalent
  • We are well connected with oversea market for product if product is not available in our market
  • No matter what product needs we are committed towards fulfillment